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The Best Dairy Free Sweet Treat Recipes

The Best Dairy Free Sweet Treat Recipes

The Best Dairy Free Sweet Treat Recipes

Does someone in the family follow a dairy free diet? We have no doubt that treating them to some homemade dairy free sweets or desserts will brighten up their day. We’re lucky to work with some of the nation’s best dairy free chocolatiers and confectioners, who often know the struggle of being unable to enjoy your favourite treats due to food sensitivities or intolerances first hand. 

We’ve read some of the dairy free recipes they’ve put together, which includes recipes for both raw treats and vegan treats you can easily make at home. Perhaps you’ve already attempted dairy free pancakes or a dairy free cake recipe simply by swapping regular milk for a plant-based one of your choice. Below you can learn how to make dairy free cheesecake, bliss balls, and raw cacao fudge ice lollies - perfect for summer. 

Lemon, cacao & cashew cheesecake by Raw Halo

Base: 1 cup mixed nuts (hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts)

1 cup each: dried coconut, pitted dates

1.5 bars Raw Halo Dark + Lemon and Pink Himalayan Salt Bar

Cheesecake: 1.5 cups cashews

1/4 cup each: lemon juice, maple syrup, melted cacao butter

1/2 tsp sea salt

400ml coconut milk

Zest of 1 lemon

Soak cashew nuts for the base overnight to activate them. Blend together dried coconut and mixed nuts in food processor. Add in the dates, zest and chocolate and mix again. Line tin with cling film and add the mixture for the base to form a uniform layer. Put in the fridge. Make cheesecake filling by melting the cacao butter on low heat. Blend together activated cashew nuts, lemon juice and zest, maple syrup and salt in food processor. Once combined, add cacao butter and coconut milk. Pour over base and smoothen out. Freeze for 4 hours before serving, and then keep in the fridge.


Raspberry & vanilla choc chunk bliss balls by Pana Chocolate

½ cup each: cashew butter, dried coconut, coconut flour

¼ cup freeze dried raspberries

3 tbsp rice malt syrup

½ tsp each: melted coconut oil, vanilla paste

Zest of 1 lime

Juice of ½ lime

1 bar of Pana Chocolate

Mix together cashew butter, rice malt syrup, lime zest and juice in a bowl. Cut 2 squares of Pana chocolate into small cubes. Put together your dry ingredients, crumble the raspberries, add chopped chocolate and mix together with your hands to combine. Split into 10 portions, roll into balls and put in fridge. Melt remaining chocolate and add coconut oil. Drizzle mixture over balls and put back in fridge to set.

Raw Cacao Fudge Lollies by Elements for Life

400ml of coconut milk

3-4 tbsp liquid sweetener

2 tbsp Elements for Life raw cacao powder

60g Elements for Life raw cacao butter

Dried edible flowers


Melt cacao butter in a saucepan, add coconut milk and whisk slowly. Pour in chosen sweetener and raw cacao powder after a couple of minutes and mix. Once you hit a creamy, thick consistency, pour your mixture into ice lolly moulds and add dried flowers. Freeze overnight.

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