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What's The Reason That Made Robbie Williams Go Vegan?

What's The Reason That Made Robbie Williams Go Vegan?

“I just wanna feel, real love…” Ok I won’t sing it all but I know you’ve sung it in your head! Or at least hummed it!

We all love and adore to listen to some good old Robbie Williams, but little did I know about a health revelation that made him swap to plant-based foods completely a few years back. So I’m here to share it with you all as I think it’s an issue we all should be looking out for – heads up, it’s fishy.

Williams explained that he had developed mercury poisoning after eating too much contaminated fish. This poisoning had put his life in danger and according to Robbie’s doctor, it was one of the highest mercury poisoning incidents he had ever seen. Robbie had to stop his band tour to tackle this back in 2011.

Robbie said that he was eating fish up to twice a day. A healthy diet according to NHS suggests that one eats fish a minimum of 2 times a week, including one kind of oily fish, but nothing can prove that eating fish every day is bad for you. However, consuming mass-produced fish frequently could be the reason Robbie had a mercury poisoning. After finding out, he went plant-based the next day, according to his wife and TV presenter Ayda Field.  

Mass-produced, store bought fish can contain high levels of pollutants that can build in the body over time. In the UK, 80% of the fish we eat come from 5 main species – tuna, salmon, cod, haddock and prawns. This means that these 5 fish that are regularly bought in stores come from unsustainable farming practices as they prioritise quantity over quality. For example, store bought salmon is often undernourished salmon, meaning that it loses many of its beneficial health nutrients in the process. If you’re often buying packaged fish, make sure to carefully look at the labels and production information, as well as background and location information. ‘Sustainably sourced’ means that the fishery or fish farm has been accredited by an independent certification scheme (which covers environmental and social criteria). Also, organic fish farms have less impact on the environment and use less chemicals or medicines when nurturing the fish. 

There are plenty of local seafood options you can opt for when looking to buy fresh fish. UK grown fish, especially trout and salmon have a much less environmental impact and have not been intensely farmed, meaning you also get more omega-3 nutrients when consuming them, D Vitamins and B2 Vitamins as well as a great source of iron, magnesium and potassium. At Yumbles, all sellers have been carefully curated and you can experience fresh fish delivery from fish farms that maintain sustainable, ethical fish farming methods.

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