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Six of the Best Novelty Mugs

Six of the Best Novelty Mugs

There are some brilliantly designed novelty mugs out there which can be personalised in many different ways, depending on the lucky recipient.

These personalised mugs are obviously one of a kind as they’re always made to order by hardworking artisans all around the UK and include a personalisation of your choice. This can be a name, a stylised face, or even a portrayal of one’s favourite hobby depending on the style of the mug you’ve chosen. (Definitely makes an evening cuppa more intresting!)

We have highlighted some of our favourites below, showcasing the creative flair of the small businesses behind them! Take a look.

Personalised Dad Face Gift Mug (or Personalised Face Mug for Girls)

These two mugs have exactly the same concept except that one has male facial customisations such as moustaches or beards and the other for female. They can be made to look like a father, mother, sister, brother or anyone else that you might like to give the mug to, and they can be further personalised with a message or name of your choice on the back.

Personalised Dog Dad Mug (many breeds available)

We all know a Mr. Poodles. This mug is perfect as it allows you to celebrate the special bond between the dog dad and his beloved pooch. The mugs allow for a cartoonish depiction and a choice of different dog breeds to accompany him. The customisation options are superb and can really end up looking like him!

Personalised Pink Stoneware Mug

A delicate pink stoneware mug with the name of the recipient engraved into the side of it in a charming font, making this a perfect gift for any tea or coffee lover. These glossy pink mugs have a glazed finish and the engraving makes for a pleasing difference in texture. We all love to have firm control over our cuppa.  

Birthflower Porcelain Mug

Just like a star sign and birthstone, everyone has a birthflower depending on which month they were born. The mug is printed with a beautiful picture of the relevant flower, the name and the month and also has room for the name of the recipient, along with a small personalised message. A great gift for a beautiful soul. 

The Boss Coffee Mug

The Boss coffee mug is a stylish white porcelain coffee mug with the phrase “The Boss” hand-pressed into the mug, ensuring that no two are exactly the same. A perfect gift for the self-employed person in your life, the CEO (or even mum!), as they are always really the boss anyway, no matter what anyone might think...

Je ne regrette le vin Mug

A humorous take on the famous French phrase “Je ne regrette rien”, meaning “I have no regrets” but in this instance changing the meaning to “I don’t regret the wine”. (Heh.) This is perfect for the wine connoisseur or indeed anyone who likes to partake in a nice glass of wine now and then.

The stylised lettering looks great and it is also possible to add a message to the reverse side of the mug. 

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