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Not Just for Monkeys: Why We Need to Eat More Nuts

Not Just for Monkeys: Why We Need to Eat More Nuts

If you're watching your weight, you might have been warned to stay clear of nuts. It's true - they do contain lots of fat. But nuts most definitely aren't just for monkeys! Nuts contain healthy fats and oils, as well as being a great source of protein. Research has shown that regularly eating nuts can have significant health benefits - and can even help with weight loss. Here a few reasons why we need to eat more nuts...

High in Fibre
Nuts (especially almonds, pecans and walnuts) are a great source of fibre, which means they can help us feel fuller for longer

Nuts are also thought to be high in antioxidants. Some experts believe antioxidants play an important part in decreasing the risk of developing heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

With a high protein content, nuts can help our muscles repair and grow. They are a great way to get a quick protein-fix after exercise or just as a snack.

Nuts are high in fat, but much of it is healthy, non-saturated variety that actually helps our body. Be careful when buying flavoured nuts though. Some nuts (such as peanuts) are fried in vegetable oil, meaning they're not a particularly health snack at all!

Omega 3
Whether you eat fish or not, nuts (in particular walnuts) are a great source of healthy Omega 3. This fatty acid is thought to help with brain function, as well as protect against heart disease.

According to the British Journal of Nutrition, nuts can help stabilise and control blood sugar levels. Eating nuts for breakfast can also help control hunger and cravings throughout the day.

Weight Loss
Although nuts do contain relatively high levels of fat, if consumed in reasonable quantities they can help with weight loss. This is because nuts help us feel fuller for longer, and satisfy cravings. 

Nut are a nutritious and tasty superfood and don’t need to be coated in sugar and other unknown ingredients for us to enjoy them. Steer clear of sugar and salt-coated nuts, and they can play an essential part in a healthy, balanced diet.

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