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Five Easy Ways to Start Eating Healthier This Autumn: Number 1

Five Easy Ways to Start Eating Healthier This Autumn: Number 1

As part of our 5 part guide to healthier eating this Autumn, we’re kicking it off with tip number 1 - Controlling Your Portion Size

When first heading down the path towards a healthier lifestyle, the mistake many people don’t realise they’re making is eating portions that are far too large! Eating too much of anything - even healthy fruit and vegetables - provides the body with more calories than it actually needs.


It may seem like a large difference to what most of us are used to putting on our plate, but following a guide to healthy food portions can get you into the habit of eating just what your body needs. For example, only eating a fist-size amount for pasta, a palm-sized portion of meat and a fingertip-size amount of oil and butter should start helping you feel less bloated and sluggish after meals.


If this leaves you feeling a little dissatisfied at meal times, then start using smaller plates - when we use large dinner plates we unintentionally pile on more food to fill the empty space, which ends up getting eaten even if we’re not all that hungry.


Another tip to only eating what you need rather than what you crave, is to eat all the vegetables on your plate first. This means you will be filling yourself up on the good stuff before tucking away at the not-so-good part on your plate. Try to add a portion of vegetables to every meal if you can, and if you’re pushing the boat out try roasting or steaming them rather than frying (however, if you are frying we recommend using coconut or olive oil as a healthier alternative to your typical cooking oil).

Reducing portion sizes will still leave you feeling full if the meals have a healthy mix of carbs, protein and vegetables, whilst leaving you with a new found energy instead of the food coma we all know too well. Be sure to look out for the next part of our healthy eating series, we won’t leave you waiting too long!

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