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Going Vegan: Top 10 Travel Tips

Going Vegan: Top 10 Travel Tips

Airports and air travel have to be among the toughest situations you will be faced with as a vegan (but on the plus side, you’re hopefully going somewhere exciting!). Wheatgrass may now be available at some airports, including Heathrow (don’t ask me which terminal!) and O’Hare, Texas. In terms of healthy alternatives for non-animal-based diets though, there’s still a long way to go.

If you're going vegan on the move this summer, here are my top 10 travel tips: 

  1. As with dining out in your own country, planning is everything. Do some on-line research before you travel, seeking out health food shops, vegetable shops, juice bars and restaurants to suit your needs. Make a note of their locations before you travel. 
  2. Pre-order a vegan meal with your airline. And double-check the day before you fly that it has actually been ordered. 
  3. If the flight is not too long, try to avoid eating the in-flight food altogether. Instead, take fruit and a mixed bag of soaked, dehydrated nuts and seeds with you. I promise that you will get far more personal and nutritional satisfaction from these!
  4. Pack as many fresh sprouts in a special food-fresh bag in your hand luggage as space will allow. I recommend the Debbie Meyer green bags for storing all your fresh fruit and vegetables, as these bad boys will double their shelf life. (They contain oya, a mineral which absorbs ethylene, the gas which plants give off when they begin to decompose). If it’s a particularly long journey, put the sprout bag in another bag containing a re-usable ice pack to keep them fresh.
  5. Prepare for occasions on your trip when you may not be able to get all the nutrition you need in food form by taking some good quality supplements.
  6. Likewise, pack a stash of digestive enzymes. These will be your saviour when the food is below par and tough on the digestion.
  7. If staying with friends, take a cool box of salad ingredients and sprouts, and ask if you can commandeer a small section of their fridge on arrival.
  8. If travelling by car, take your juicer with you, and shop for appropriate ingredients once you arrive. If you juice at someone else’s house, I can guarantee their curiosity will get the better of them, so make it a tasty one and get enough ingredients to share some!
  9. If you’ve embraced the concept of sprouting, sprouts like mung, lentil, fenugreek and adzuki can be grown effortlessly, within days and without much space– and all from a travel-friendly nut milk bag or Easy Sprout. If you can dunk a teabag, you can do this!
  10. Upon arrival, find the nearest juice bar and treat yourself to a green juice.


This post is an extract from my eBook - Going Plant Based: A Beginner's Guide. For more tips on surviving life as a new vegan, hop over to my website and download your free copy. If you have any travel tips of your own to share - or have any questions, do drop me a line in the comments. I'd love to hear from you! 

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