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Top 9 Tips For Virgin Vegans

Top 9 Tips For Virgin Vegans

Sometimes, it’s hard to be a vegan, as Tammi Wynette once sang. OK, so she didn’t, but if she’d been one, I’m sure she would have done. If you’ve decided to go plant-based, take it from me, it’s a long journey, with a fair few potholes and skidpans en route.

But there are a few things that will make everything a lot easier, not least in terms of ensuring that you’re not undernourished or lacking in lustre.

 1. Juicing

Buy a good quality juicer. The Omega 8006 is the one I use every day. It has a 10-year guarantee (or is it 15?!), they don’t quibble when something goes wrong, and although it’s going to set you back around £270, you won’t be going out and buying another any time soon. As a single auger juicer, it gives a better yield and a better quality juice than your bog-standard high street versions. It’s worth the extra money.

2. Sprouting

Start sprouting and include these miraculous micro-nuggets of protein- and vitamin-packed goodness in every meal. Start off with fenugreek, lentils, clover, radish and alfalfa, which are ready in two days if you use an Easy Sprout container. Go to the “make stuff” section of my website, then “sprouts and wheatgrass”. Everything you need to know, from home-grown to ready-grown, and videos on how to do it, is all in there.

3. Read All About It

Subscribe to Vegan Life magazine for some welcome hand-holding in print form. It’s ace.

4. Stand Firm

On a low day, remind yourself why you made this decision: for better health, a clearer conscience, or both. Understand that you are likely to feel a little under the weather to begin with – that’s your body reacting to the change and dumping all of the old toxic stuff. It won’t last forever.

5. Pop Your Pills

Take B12, D3 and iron every day. And not the synthetic versions you’ll find in the supermarkets. I use Garden of Life’s Vitamin Code range – they are vegan, organic and food-based. 

6. Be A Leader, Not A Follower

Don’t let well-wishing family and friends try to sway your decision. If you act with conviction and don’t moan, they will have little reason tocomment. But if they do, just smile, breathe, and say nothing. They’ll soon get bored.

7. Watch The Packet Stuff 

Don’t load up your trolley with processed foods. There is a growing market for vegan-friendly packaged stuff, but even though it’s plant-based, it’s still not natural. Save it as an occasional treat. My particular weakness is Clive’s organic Vegetable Chilli pies. PS those popular raw fruit bars are jam-packed with sugar!

8. Be Kind To Yourself: Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Take each day at a time; unless you’re superhuman, you will make unwise choices, and you may even occasionally fall off the wagon. But if you do, look at what you were craving? Carbs? Protein? Whatever the answer, add more of this, vegan-style, to your diet.

9. Follow Me

Sign up to my blog. Of course!

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