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Sweet Deceits


At Sweet Deceits, we're all about feeling goodLife's too short to deny yourself of your favourite things - especially when you have a sweet tooth! Our health-conscious founders (Ryan and Laura) have always tried to eat well to stay in shape and to feel their best, but dessert was always their weakness. they found that there was nothing readily available that tasted delicious and wasn't highly processed. You know the feeling... you've finished your main meal, then you just need something sweet to satisfy your craving. Convinced that they could find a healthier solution, Ryan and laura set out to create treats that not only tasted amazing, but were made from amazing ingredients too.   they used whole food ingredients such as raw cacao powder, coconut blossom nectar and coconut flour, that were minimally processed to retain the natural goodness, and had the potential to create delicious desserts. After thousands of hours experimenting, they landed on their secret recipes. not only did they convince their difficult-to-impress parents, but soon customers began to tell them 'these are the best brownies i've ever had', and they knew they were onto something.