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The Yorkshire Pasta Company

The Yorkshire Pasta Company


Family-owned authentic Yorkshire Pasta made with quality and sustainability in mind.

The Yorkshire Pasta Company are a family-owned venture and sprang to life in 2019. This pioneering British Pasta brand has gained widespread recognition, including appearances on TV shows like James Martin and glowing reviews from culinary icons like Marco Pierre White. Their pasta is a true testament to tradition and quality. They source high-quality flour from a local mill, using time-honoured methods to craft their pasta with bronze dies, ensuring it captures the essence of a perfect pasta texture. It is vegan-friendly Slow-dried and presented in eco-friendly paper packaging, each piece can stay scrumptious for up to 2 years.

The Yorkshire Pasta Company boasts a wide presence, with their premium British pastas gracing over 450 independent shops, featuring on renowned restaurant menus, and delighting families across the UK. Their commitment to authenticity, top-notch ingredients, and traditional craftsmanship continues to make them a beloved choice for pasta enthusiasts. Step into the world of The Yorkshire Pasta Company, and experience pasta-making that combines tradition, taste, and sustainability in every delightful bite.

We're not the only ones who love them!

And across this family run business at the Mallon food festival!I have found my favourite pasta !I usually buy fresh pasta as it tastes better …. Until I tried this ! Tastes much much nicer that the usual dried pasta , such a nice tasting , almost fresh feelPasta ! Definitely recommend the Yorkshire Pasta Company! Give it a try. Lesley, Google Review

Excellent pasta, superb quality, so much better than the mass produced offerings found in supermarkets. GerryG, Google Review

I first heard about the Yorkshire Pasta company when they featured on the James Martin Saturday Morning Show.I ordered some bags of pasta from the Yorkshire Pasta Company to try. I would not go back to any other pasta. The pasta is dried, easy to cook, has great taste. It comes in sustainable recyclable paper bags and not plastic.I would strongly recommend that you try the pasta from the Yorkshire Pasta Company. It is great value and great taste. Always good to have in the cupboard. Timothy, Google Review