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Yorkshire Dama Cheese


A multi-award-winning cheese company with a very special story, full of inspiration, bravery, and finding new experiences. 

Razan Alsous, the founder came to the UK after the war in Syria in 2012 with her husband and their family of three young children. She had almost lost anything and she had to settle into a new life in Yorkshire. Initially she tried to make a living out of her pharmacy and scientific background, having graduated from the Medical Institute in Syria, but her lack of references and work history in the UK made it extremely difficult.

Determined to make a bright future for her family, she started to think what other opportunities she could tap into. What came after that was the creation of Yorkshire Dama Cheese, as she and her husband combined their microbiological and electronic engineer backgrounds to start their business. 

Her idea came into realisation in June 2014 with a small loan of just £2500 from the local Enterprise Agency. In just four months into production they won the WORLD CHEESE AWARD Bronze Prize 2014/15, highlighting the true quality of their cheese.

We're not the only ones who love them!

Yorkshire Dama Cheese has been nominated and won more than 15 awards since starting out in 2014! Some of these include:

  • Great Yorkshire Show 2017: Gold - Spreadable Yogurt "Labneh" & Bronze - Original Squeaky Cheese.
  • Best cheese in Yorkshire 2016: Best Chilli Variety.
  • Royal Highland show 2017: Silver - Smoked Squeaky Cheese & Bronze - Rosemary Squeaky Cheese & Chilli Squeaky Cheese