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Aromachefery by Zing Organics


Essential oil infused gourmet seasonings from the Scottish Highlands.

Aromachefery by Zing Organics was founded by eco perfumer and chandler Kirsty Morrison. With a grandfather as a third generation market gardener, herbs and plants have always been pivotal to Kirsty's life. Having developed sensitivities in pregnancy some 15 years ago she started then what would become a complex but enjoyable journey of creating her own natural products.

Her gourmet range was born out of finding herself short one day of lemons, and being in a remote Scottish Highlands peninsula, Kirsty tried her hand at cooking with the essential oils she knew so well. Many years on Kirsty launched her own delightful range of seasonings and nectars carefully concentrated to just the precise degree and which are packed with aroma and flavour. The result is a range of super tasty sea salts, gourmet oils, cocktail and pudding sugars and chef sprays all infused with Food Grade Organic essential oils for fragrancing all manner of sweet and savoury dishes, and cocktails!

A fantastic way to add a new dimension to your cooking or why not buy a unique gift for an adventurous home cook? Each product comes complete with a miniature conifer cone found on our forest floor; speaking of the authenticity of our Highland roots.

We're not the only ones who love them!

Sustainability seasonality and sourcing locally are at the heart of their rationale.

In each gift hamper you will receive candles. Our candles were loved by Stella Mag in the Sunday Telegraph. They described their favourite candle as 'ambrosial'.

Foodie Heaven Seasoning Hamper
by Aromachefery by Zing Organics
From  £39.00
Ludicrously Lavish Seasoning Hamper
by Aromachefery by Zing Organics
From  £125.00
Decadent Deco Cocktails Sugar Hamper
by Aromachefery by Zing Organics
From  £29.00
Chef's Culinary Candle
150 g
by Aromachefery by Zing Organics
From  £13.05
  • Sold out
Decadent Deco Cocktails Spritzing Hamper
4 x 8mL spray pens
by Aromachefery by Zing Organics
From  £44.10
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