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Beau Durée


Delicious and unique tea flavoured spreads like Matcha spread and Earl Grey spread with all-natural ingredients and no sugar.

The inspiration comes from the personal experiences of the founder, Hee Jang. One was to maintain weight after losing 20kgs, and another was to feel fancy with minimum effort. Losing 20kgs and maintaining for more than 15 years have been such a tough challenge for her as she loves sweets and snacking. From experiences of losing weight and overcoming anorexia. Her diet motto is "enjoying the quality foods and dessert without going extreme and destructive eating habits". She has avoided extreme foods and desserts - too sweet, salty or spicy ones. The other note of feeling fancy with the least effort reflects her desires to feel like she treats herself and her beloved ones. She likes to treat people with delicious, unique homemade food even though she is lazy. She looked for healthier alternatives but faced limited options. So she decided to create her own.

Beau Duree aims to make your snack time more luxurious and effortlessly fancy. Despite those spreads being sweets, their tea spreads will pamper your taste buds with the natural sweetness of honey, the healthiest and natural alternatives to sugar. Also, Beau Duree spreads are for vegetarians and free from gluten. Their healthy, unique and handmade spreads will make your table a lot more fascinating and diverse.

So why don't you treat yourself with healthier and fancier tea spreads? Drinking tea is now mundane. Stop drinking tea, time to spread it!

We're not the only ones who love them!

 Beau Durée is endorsed by UCL Innovation and Enterprise because of their brilliant creation.