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Boo Chi Kombucha

Boo Chi Kombucha

Newton Abbot

Exceptional organic kombucha made with traditional far eastern methods. 

In 2017, Boo Chi founder and owner, Eaoifa Forward took a break from her acting career and travelled to Sri Lanka to work with a yoga and meditation teacher. It was here where Eaoifa was introduced to a magical traditional drink called kombucha. The impact of this elixir set Eaoifa on a new journey with a dedicated and passionate team to create her own kombucha named Boo Chi, using only traditional far eastern methods. 

Boo Chi kombucha is patiently brewed to reach the perfect ph levels for optimum taste and health balance. Organic natural herbs and spices are used to flavour Boo Chi to add another level of functionality and maintain the low sugar content so there is no sugar high from their kombucha. A gentle, naturally occurring sparkle without the need of added probiotics proves that their booch is the real deal. Their six flavours include: turmeric and black pepper, Korean ginseng, fresh mint, original, fresh strawberry and raw ginger.