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H.H. Chocolates


Luxury Japanese Nama chocolates, all vegan with eco-friendly, recyclable packaging. 

Guild of Fine Foods GREAT TASTE AWARDS: 2021 Winner Pure Pink Champagne Nama Chocolates 

H.H. Chocolates was founded by Hamilton Harman after first tasting the delights of Japanese Nama Chocolates in 2012. Amazed by the smooth exquisite taste and flavours, Hamilton conducted product development with various recipes and flavours for 3 years before releasing his first chocolate range with unique infusion and pure pour culinary techniques.

All H.H. Chocolates are vegan with plastic free recyclable packaging. It is their founding principle to be as environmentally responsible as possible from sourcing to delivery. The special recipe includes a mix of oat cream instead of cow's cream. This both leads to a longer shelf life without preservatives and a silkier sweet flavour.

Bringing luxury chocolates to the vegan market in an array of fantastic flavours is their mission. This means sourcing the best and most amazing ingredients to make the best chocolates imaginable. Nama chocolates are different to truffles as they have more cream and a lower melting temperature allowing for instant melt-in-the-mouth bliss.

We're not the only ones who love them!

Guild of Fine Foods GREAT TASTE AWARDS: 2021 Winner Pure Pink Champagne Nama Chocolates 

"A most unusual concept to the British palate, and the texture is initially a tad challenging. But as the chocolate 'mix' dissolves on the palate there are pleasing cacao notes (and grip) alongside vinous hints of the champagne and perhaps a touch of nuttiness from the oats. That texture remains a bit of a challenge when contemplating another piece - but we enjoyed the intrigue of the delivery, as well as the pleasant grip of uncloying tannins on the finish, while gently fruity notes persist."

"The initial aroma is of the bitter chocolate powder with which it is dusted. The ganache is moist and dense and very rich, balanced by the bitterness of the chocolate and a tiny hint of the champagne is just apparent on the tongue. This is a sophisticated, understated chocolate with a big kick. A grown up chocolate."