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Jubel Beer


Dangerously refreshing craft lager cut with fruit. Jubel packs the refreshment of a fruit cider and sessionability of a crisp lager. 

They discovered two things during some après antics at La Folie Douce. The first was Jubel - an après anthem that meant “a feeling of extreme joy”. The second was demi-pêche - a pint of lager with a peach top. This dangerously refreshing beer secret swiftly became the beer style they wanted to drink that no one brewed, so they sunk their savings into a trial brew that flew at a festival, and escaped our 9-5s to pioneer a new style of beer.

Jubel was born in an Après bar and exists to bring Après to the everyday. Whether it’s Après-ski, sea, sport, adventure or work. Après is rallying a group and letting loose. They’re the beer for drinking to the before and making a moment out of the after. Conforming is boring so we’re steering off the well-worn path to pioneer a new one. They’ve gone beyond beer borders into uncharted territory to cut through the conventions of craft. They care about our planet and protect it through sustainable business practices. They became a certified carbon negative business last year, and are working towards B-Corp this year.