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Notorious Nooch Co


We love to recreate the food we had growing up. Looking for vegan alternatives, we used Nutritional Yeast ('Nooch') in our home-cooking to replicate the flavour of cheese, but it never had the same kick we really craved - until now.

Through a unique toasting and blending process, we’ve dialled up the flavours of what we love most. Developing a plant-based, naturally-flavoured nooch that delivers a deep, rich and nutty cheesy hit to shake over your favourite food.

Sprinkle it in anything you would normally put cheese in. Try it on pizza, pasta, popcorn or rice. Throw it on roast spuds or use it to make delicious dairy-free mac and cheese.

Vegan. Recyclable. GMO Free. Gluten Free. Soy Free. Cruelty Free. 

We're not the only ones who love them!

"Tastes like Frazzles!"

"Can’t recommend this enough its amazing in fake mac n cheeze!! Much nicer than standard nooch!"

"The best nutritional yeast out there!!"

"Thought we’d give this a try, and cannot recommend enough. Tasted delicious, and full of flavour. Ideal thing to have in the cupboard to liven up a meal. Will order again."