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Posh Puddin'

Posh Puddin'


The founders Shauna and Maria are the ladies behind the award winning Portobello Attic - dairy free cheesecake company. For the past three years, they traded at famous London markets and events and supplied incredible shops and restaurants including Farm Girl, Bayley and Sage and Sourced Market.

But in 2020, they said goodbye to Portobello Attic and hello to Posh Puddin' - making some huge changes for the better.  They worked hard to remove soy and palm oil from their ingredients, invested in organic and local natural ingredients and removed harmful plastic from their packaging. 

Each pud is handmade in the heart of London by a mother and daughter team - Shauna and Marie. Using a unique blend of pea and coconut their cheesecakes are uniquely delicious and ethically conscious. The puds arrive in glass jars with lids for you to re-use and recycle at home.

In the process of developing their recipes, Shauna and Marie made it their mission to maintain their quality of taste and texture they had previously been awarded for (Great Taste Award 2019 2 **) but they also didn't want to create a super unhealthy dessert - they chose balance.

Keeping their indulgent ingredients, they perfectly portioned each pud to 85/90g and as a result their cheesecakes are all under 300/330 kcals - the lowest pud is the Cherry Bakewell at 256kcals! 

With 8 delicious, creamy and indulgent flavours to choose from you can’t go wrong.

Shauna and Marie believe that small changes can make a huge difference; Posh Puddin’ is more than just an indulgent delicious sustainable dessert. With every sale Shauna and Marie will be supporting the people in our communities without food and shelter, by providing monetary donations through a proportion of their sales and also through food donations. Now, more than ever, they believe we need to look after our planet and support our local communities.


We're not the only ones who love them!

Shauna and Marie previously won a Great Taste award in 2019 for their plant based cheesecake recipes. They won the highest award in the category for Cheesecakes, beating dairy cheesecakes for the win! 

Posh Puddin' are the winners of a 3 star Great Taste Awards in 2021.