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Why I'm Vegan, Not Veggie

Why I'm Vegan, Not Veggie

It’s all down to the main difference between the two: choosing whether or not to consume dairy. Here’s why I don’t:

Drinking the milk of another animal goes against nature’s intention.

Think about it: cows’s milk is for calves to give them everything they need to grow. Human milk is for babies, with exactly the same function. Milk is the bodily fluid of another animal, designed specifically for an infant cow. That’s why 75% of humans do not produce lactase – the milk-digesting enzyme – beyond adolescence.

I don’t fancy the idea of drinking pus.

Do you? Because even if you’re drinking organic milk, you’re getting a legally permitted amount of pus in every glass (2 million pus cells per teaspoon). Why? Because cows’ over-worked udders become infected with mastitis, yet they still get milked.

Three words: The China Study

I’m not suggesting that you sit down and read this scholarly tome, but here’s a summary from the book which lays out the findings of the biggest study ever done into the link between diet and disease. According to the study, Casein, the main protein found in dairy, is the proven biggest cancer trigger of all animal products. Plus, all the hormones injected into cows to keep them lactating means the milk has way more oestrogen than nature intended. And I’m sure you already know about the many proven links between oestrogen and cancer.

Dairy weakens your bones. It doesn’t strengthen them.

Huh? Dairy is acidic. And when your body is too acidic, it takes from its own neutralising supply of alkaline minerals. Most of the time, its go-to solution is to call on the calcium in your bones. There’s a reason why the areas of the world with the highest levels of dairy consumption are also those with the highest incidences of osteoporosis (Harvard University).

Dairy is an extremely cruel industry

Cows have the capacity to live until around 15 years of age, but dairy cows are exhausted by the age of 5. They get extremely stressed when their calves are removed from them (video footage I have seen shows some actually crying).

Many suffer continual mastitis which is never given the chance to heal, they are injected with hormones to keep them producing milk, and medication to lessen the severity of the mastitis. And all of that will remain in the milk you’re drinking. It’s slightly better with organic, but it’s really like comparing organic gin with non-organic gin; it still is what it is.

By buying milk, you’re also supporting the veal industry and the premature slaughter of millions of male calves, which are either raised as veal, or destroyed. Their only purpose was to keep their mothers lactating so you could pour it on your corn flakes.

Cows don’t deserve this. They’re awesome. Read my two extended posts on dairy ("Dairy is a Dirty Word" and "The UK Dairy Industry") by logging on to my website (link in my bio below). 

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98 months ago
YES GIRL! Exactly why I choose not to consume dairy - perfectly said!
98 months ago
Thank you. A few random people were directed to this on Facebook, and they said "I hate plant milks. There's nothing wrong with cow's milk." Even AFTER they'd read all this!!!!


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