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Thinking of going Veganuary?

Thinking of going Veganuary?

According to the BBC 50,000 people have signed up for it, a record number and according to the Veganuary website more than 75 per cent of people who have tried going vegan for a month report an improvement in their health.

Thinking of trying it out? Veganuary? Vefebruary or veg-any month? Here's 4 important things you need to know.

1. You can still keep your favourite habits. Vegan artisan cheese, vegan cheese spreads, high quality plant based burgers, steaks and even bacon do exist. At Yumbles we were lucky to discover and sell items by a handful of the finest vegan cheese and meat makers in the UK.

Explore artisan vegan meat & cheese >> 

2. You won't have to abandon your favourite chocolate (ever). Vegan chocolate is available in all its traditional chocolate flavours and variations (milk, dark, salted caramel, chocolate orange, even refined sugar-free, good-for-you chocolate - my favourite).

Explore vegan luxury chocolate >> 

3. Plant-based protein exist in abundance, and whoever thought vegans don't get enough protein is wrong. Nuts, beans, lentils, quinoa, pea protein just to name a few are not only nutritious but can be used in more foods, snacks and treats that you can imagine

Explore vegan high protein foods, snacks, treats and boosters >>

4. Yes you can still have brownies, cookies, even macarons. I am talking out of personal experience when I say you won't believe how good a raw vegan tiramisu can taste. Not to mention peanut butter, American style brownies...

Explore vegan cakes & treats >> 

The first question we ask ourselves when we taste-test vegan or other free-from food samples at Yumbles is: Is it amazing? (full stop). And not just "Is it amazing for vegans?"

Going vegan for a month or forever was probably more difficult a few years ago but it is evident that everything we need (and crave for) is in nature itself.



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