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Top Vegetarian Meat Recipes

Top Vegetarian Meat Recipes

Top Vegetarian Meat Recipes 

Ready to try something new and delicious? Or perhaps you’re looking to treat your vegetarian friends or guests to an incredible meal. We always turn to our makers for tips and recipes, especially when it comes to preparing vegan, free from and vegetarian foods. If you’re unfamiliar with vegetarian diets you might think they’re somewhat restricting, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are countless vegetarian meat recipes out there, showing you how to make anything, from vegetarian meatballs to vegetarian fried chicken, typically made using soy protein.

Some of our favourite vegetarian meat recipes are listed below, put together by our lovely makers - Tempeh & Black Bean Burgers, Tandoori Cauliflower Steaks, and Authentic Carbonara with Mheat.

Tempeh & Black Bean Burgers by Ross & Ross Food

For 4-6 burgers:

200g tempeh

400g black beans

200g sweetcorn

Handful coriander and parsley, finely chopped

2 tbsp each: nutritional yeast, aquafaba, ground almonds

1 tsp Ross & Ross Steak Rub

2 tsp Miso paste

Salt and pepper

Juice half lemon


Preheat oven to 180C. Steam tempeh for about 10 minutes until soft. Place in food processor and blend along with beans, corn, coriander and parsley. Stir aquafaba, rub, lemon, yeast and miso into the mixture. Add ground almonds until mixture is firm enough to shape. Make burger patties, brush with olive oil, and bake in 20 mins to half an hour until crisp outside. Serve with toasted burger buns, rocket, lettuce, avocado, tomato and ketchup.

Tandoori Cauliflower Steaks by Ross & Ross Food

1 large head of cauliflower

7 tbsp coconut yoghurt

1-3 tbsp Ross & Ross Tandoori Rub

1.5 tbsp olive oil

Lemon juice

2 cloves garlic

Salt and pepper

For the mint raita:

1 cup coconut yoghurt

2 garlic cloves

One-inch chunk ginger 

Handful coriander leaves and mint leaves

Lime zest & juice

1-3 tbsp coconut milk

Pinch Ross & Ross Tandoori Rub 

Salt and pepper


Blend together all your ingredients for the marinade and add the rub to taste. Cut cauliflower into “steaks” and cover them evenly in marinade. Leave for at least an hour, ideally overnight. Preheat oven to 220C, place steaks on baking tray and cook until golden - this should take about 35 minutes. In the meantime prepare the raita: chop leaves, mince garlic cloves, grate ginger and mix altogether. Enjoy “steaks” warm with raita on top.

Authentic Carbonara with Mheat by Sgaia’s Vegan Meats

100g Mheat

4tsp extra virgin olive oil

100g firm silken tofu

2tsp each: tahini, soy sauce

1tsp wholegrain mustard

1/2tsp ground turmeric

1tbsp nutritional yeast flakes

50ml almond milk or other plant-based milk

160g pasta

Salt and pepper

Fill a pot with water and add 1tbsp sea salt per litre. Start to boil. Heat 2tsp olive oil and 1tsp soy sauce, cut Mheat into cubes and add to pan. Let them sizzle until they’re crispy all over, set aside. Add pasta to boiling water. Mix tahini, mustard, 1tsp soy sauce, turmeric, yeast & almond milk and stir. Add 50g tofu and mash it into the mixture until smooth. Add another 2tsp of olive oil and your mixture in the pan and heat up for a couple of minutes, crumbling the rest of the tofu over it. Keep warm and covered until pasta almost ready. Drain pasta and add it to the pan, stirring it all together. Add water or almond milk if dry.  Add crispy Mheat cubes, mix together and serve hot.

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