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Key Foods Trends for 2022; What’s on the Menu?

Key Foods Trends for 2022; What’s on the Menu?

If 2020 was the year of banana bread and restaurant meal kits at home, and, let's be honest, 2021 was a total blur, what's on the menu for 2022? Let’s have a look.   

The common thread we predict for the year ahead is that as consumers we’ll be taking an increasingly mindful approach. A tumultuous few years with environmental concerns reaching mass consciousness, the pandemic, and at times major political discourse, have increased our awareness of our impact on the world in which we live.

1. Flexitarianism, and the unstoppable rise of plant food

We’ve all seen the reports on the rise of veganism, but the bigger shift expected to firmly take hold in 2022 is the increasing number of people consciously cutting back their meat intake, even without fully eradicating it. Vegan meat alternatives have come a long way with talented producers like Sgaia Foods and Chiki Monkey delivering their fabulous alternatives to bacon, steaks, pizza toppings and more to your door.

2. Quality over Quantity 

Hand in hand with the greater shift to flexitarianism, will be a much more considered approach to meat when it is consumed.  The quality of the meat, how it is made and where it comes from will all become much more top of mind. Ordering fresh meat boxes directly from high caliber farmers like Primrose Herd or small businesses like Gilles Farm Boxes that curate meat exclusively from fantastic local farmers, will become the increasing choice of mindful consumers.

3. No & Low Alcohol Drinks

Our stepped up mindfulness also extends to our health.  2022 will see us finally reconciling prioritising our health with our deep national love for booze. Cue the flourishing of No & Low Alcoholic cocktails and spirits.  These are not drink alternatives where alcohol has just been stripped away, these sophisticated grown up drinks have been specially created by innovative makers to delight our palates without alcohol in mind.

4. Thoughtful Small Gifting

Hands up who's gifting game got that bit stronger over these pandemic years? Being separated from friends and family for all of life’s milestones meant sourcing particularly thoughtful gifts to show our appreciation and raise the spirits. We’re also more aware than ever of the importance of supporting small businesses. Sending friends and family unique gifts directly from small businesses like made to order personalised gifts and hampers is going to only gain more momentum in 2022.

5. Home Foodie Experiences

Lockdowns brought us entertainment via zoom parties, i.e cocktail kits, meal kits and afternoon tea delivery at home.  And we discovered that, barring the zoom parties, we really rather liked it!  Yes we’ll all return to restaurants and bars with gusto but a lasting legacy of imposed lockdowns is that we’ve also all (re)discovered just how much we love our homes too, and the bar has now been set high for our nights in. Bottled, ready made cocktails are going to become very much a staple for cocktail fans.  


If you are cutting down on alcohol? 5 best low alcohol drinks to try can be seen here!

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