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The Best Personalised Food Gifts for Extra Brownie Points

The Best Personalised Food Gifts for Extra Brownie Points

Everyone loves a good personalised gift, don’t they? Nothing says ‘thank you’, ‘happy birthday’ ‘happy anniversary’, or any wish that’s nice to put in words, like a gift with a personal message or their name on it. 

Even better (ok, we may be biased!) is a personalised food gift made by a talented artisan maker. 

Personalised gifts come in all shapes and sizes and just some of our favourites are listed below for you to draw some inspiration from.   Each one is made by one of the incredible artisan makers who call our marketplace home.   Made to order, personalised with your message and then sent directly to you or your very lucky gift recipient.  Thoughtful and original gifting, nailed!



1. Printed Photo Macarons

These delicious macarons with your own photo printed directly on them, is a really original gifting idea by The March Hare Bakery.  They'd make a particularly wonderful annivesary or wedding gift idea. The macarons are also suitable for people who’re gluten free.


2. Personalised Engraved Botanical Gin

A unique gin-lovers gift, this bottle is engraved with a name, date and a special message. This can be a significant birthday, a retirement, a birthday or any other date that you choose to mark. The high-quality botanical craft gin inside is 40% ABV.


3. Large Personalised Pork Pie

Yes, it exists! A large, delicious personalised pork pie that can fit around 20 letters or numbers on the surface of the pastry lid. Each pie serves up to 10 portions, making it perfect for any kind of gathering or party. All of the packaging is eco-friendly and all pies are made by hand and baked to order.


4. Personalised Handmade Iced Biscuits

Six hand-decorated, scrumptious biscuits with your personal message pressed into the icing. The biscuits are all hand made in small batches by a family-run business from Leeds.


5. Personalised Liqueur Bottle

This is an extremely unusual gift, in that the type and size of bottle can be personalised, but so can the contents! Ensure that the recipient has a liqueur that they like, choose it before checkout and choose a bottle that is as unique as they are. 


6. Personalised Chocolate Photo Box

Each box of chocolates contains 33 characters of your choice, so the message can say anything you would like it to. There is also a personalised photo book, if you want to send a photo. If not, they use a generic photo instead and proceed with your personalised chocolate box.


7. Personalised Handmade Daisies Marzipan Chocolates

These bright handmade marzipan daisies can sure send the loving message that you are looking for. Encased in delicious chocolate cups, each daisy can have a letter on it in order to form your message. They are also gluten free.


8. 'Hot Stuff' Personalised Chilli Sauce Gift Set

For the spicy food enthusiast in your life, this “hot stuff” personalised Chilli sauce gift set is ideal…Ideally hot. A set of three sauces will be delivered and the Rib Tickler Hot Sauce will bear the name of the recipient.


Got that tingling feeling of gift-giving? Discover hundreds of personalised gifts that will make their day.  

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