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Must-Have Picnicware and BBQ Accessories for 2022

Must-Have Picnicware and BBQ Accessories for 2022

As the weather heats up and Summer starts to sizzle, we start to think about long afternoons in the sunshine with al fresco dining and barbecues in gardens and parks with the good company of friends and family. We have put together a list of indispensable picnicware and BBQ accessories for you. 

BBQ Hot Smoking Kit

The BBQ hot smoking kit allows you to infuse your BBQ foods with a range of smoky flavours. This innovative solution involves heating wooden chips inside the smoker box which has been placed on the BBQ and allowing the smoke to permeate your food. There are three different types of chips included with different flavours and a spicy BBQ rub, as well as a stainless-steel smoker box.

Smoke & Spice BBQ Kit

This smoke and spice BBQ kit is a similar idea to the BBQ Hot Smoking Kit but has different types of chips for smoking and flavouring your food. Whisky barrel oak chips are ideally paired with beef, game, salmon and fruit and veg. The pear chips work best with chicken, pork, fish, seafood and vegetables. There is also a Piri Piri hot spice rub for adding that extra kick to your BBQ.

Galvanized Steel BBQ Condiment Holder

Just what everyone needs for hosting a good BBQ, a stainless-steel holder for their condiments so they can be easily passed around to those who need them. No more scrabbling around trying to find where things have been placed. Suitable for cutlery, napkins and condiments.

Plastic Garden Gin Glass

For the Gin and Tonic lover, this large globe glass is perfectly suitable for outdoor dining and drinking. A sturdy plastic glass with all of the class of a real glass yet none of the fragility. A perfect gift for those long Summer evenings in the sunshine. 

The Woodland Walk 4 Person Fully Fitted Picnic Hamper

A beautiful fully kitted out 4-person picnic hamper. This hamper includes four plates and sets of cutlery that are stored in the lid, with plenty of space inside to place all of the food that you could desire for a walk and a picnic away. A stylish, elegant and efficient picnic solution.  

Personalised Two Bottle Carrier

A two-bottle basket that can be a classy both personalised gift and a useful item for anyone on a hot summer’s day, enabling one to easily carry two bottles of their chosen beverage in a stylish container.

On The Go Tea Flask

For those who enjoy their loose-leaf tea on the go, this flask has an in-built strainer so that you are only drinking the liquid, not the leaves. Ideal for hot or cold infusions and is made of glass - so you can see exactly how much tea you have left! 

Eco-Picnicware Hamper

This eco-picnicware hamper features a sturdy, large-capacity picnic box and biodegradable bamboo-based cutlery and napkins. The picnic blanket itself is made from recycled materials and the plates are made from palm fronds. There are also biodegradable cups, so overall this set is an environmentalist’s dream picnic set.

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