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The UK's Five Best Brownies

The UK's Five Best Brownies

A bold claim, we know, but all of the brownies we are about to show you will be sure to blow your mind and leave you wanting more. There are many wonderful artisan bakers and the ones who make these brownies are some of the best who are working in the UK today. Make a brownie bucket list and try each of these amazing brownies if you can. 

Sea Salted Butterscotch Chocolate Brownies (Gluten Free)

Ten servings of gluten free sea-salted butterscotch chocolate brownies are enough to make anyone wish they had a birthday or event coming up! These make a great gift and are guaranteed to be popular. They are made with stunning Colombian dark chocolate and are a real treat to receive.  

They will even write a gift card from you to the intended recipient, which is above and beyond the call of duty and this speaks volumes for the quality and the ambitions of the company.  

Brownies by Lola's - Red Velvet Brownie Box of 6

All of these brownies are certified gluten-free by the Gluten Free Society. This is in large part because they are made in a special gluten free bakery away from any traces of gluten from other products. They are made to order, are utterly delicious and the packaging is letterbox friendly as well, to ensure that you can have them successfully delivered, even if you are out. This means you will never have to miss out on another treat or hang around waiting for a delivery that is later than advertised. 

Triple Chocolate Brownies

Handmade fudgy brownies with generous chunks of both milk and white chocolate interspersed in them. These brownies are baked fresh for your order and are packaged immaculately as well. They are so delicious that we don’t see the week that they will stay fresh as any serious downside. We don’t imagine they will last that long in most homes. The upside is that they don’t use any preservatives or anything like that, showing that you are getting an authentic fresh food experience 

Mixed Brownie Box

A classic handmade selection of brownies made with the finest Colombian chocolate. They rotate the flavours that are available at any one time, with each box containing one of each of the six current flavours. 

At the time of writing this article these were: fudge brownie, strawberry shortcake blondie, lemon meringue blondie, malted caramel brownie, triple chocolate brownie and oreo brookie.  

Coconut Brownies | Vegan & Refined Sugar Free (Box of 8)

These coconut brownies are a gooey, chewy mass of chocolatey goodness and they are also vegan and free of refined sugar. They are handmade to order and are very much a premium product. There are eight brownies in a box and all of the products from this seller are lovingly packaged in well put together and eco-friendly boxes so let’s help to do our bit for the environment, one brownie box at a time!

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