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Stuck on Spinach? Why You Should Mix It Up

Stuck on Spinach? Why You Should Mix It Up

Green juices are a quick and easy way to get a phyto-nutrient boost, and are definitely a growing trend. Once you've discovered the life-changing benefits of green juice, it's hard to give it up! I was definitely sceptical at first about knocking back spinach before breakfast, but now I'm truly hooked. That said - if you're devoted to getting your greens in liquid format, it's best to vary your vegetables and try to mix things up. Here's why: 

You’re missing out on other vital nutrients

Just like all other foods, green vegetables contain different nutrients and at different levels, some higher than other. Whilst all leafy greens are a great addition to our diet, if you stick to just spinach or kale then you could be missing out on other immune-boosting vitamins and minerals. There are plenty of other nutritional powerhouse veggies to try such as broccoli or sunflower sprouts. 

Watch out for oxalates

Oxolates are found mainly in plants or other plant-based foods such as nuts and seeds. Plants use it cleverly to help them grow and protect themselves, however when consumed by us in high quantities they can be toxic and harmful to our kidneys. Swapping high oxalate greens such as spinach or swiss chard for low oxalate varieties like water-cress and turnip greens every week is thought to reduce the chances of developing kidney stones.

And anti-nutrients!

In every leafy green there will be a small amount of toxins present used to protect them from their arch enemies - caterpillars, bugs and even rabbits. It helps them to grow but in time can cause us harm. Whilst these only affect us in very minute ways, they can be dangerous for anyone with existing medical condition, if taken in high quantities. 

We don’t mean to scare you off - we love and drink green juices and green smoothies on a regular basis and we’re still standing. We just don’t want you to forget about all the other amazing veg out there that taste great in smoothies - romaine lettuce, beet greens, celery or carrot tops! A bit of variety can help ensure you benefit from a broad spectrum of valuable nutrients, as well as different tastes.

It is very rare to get ill or have side effects from too many of these healthy greens, and it would require excessive consumption over a long period of time to cause us harm. But as with all things, balance is the key and if you have any existing medical conditions - you are always best seeking professional medical advice.

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