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Rockin' Good Co.


Using quality, natural ingredients rockin' good salt co. salts are flavour infused to combine saltiness with amazing flavours. They have refined the way they infuse each ingredient to give their salts maximum flavour intensity as well as a fantastic look! Each grain of salt takes on the colour of the infused ingredient, and therefore, the full flavour.

There are six wonderfully flavour infused rockin' good salt co. salts to choose from; aromatic rosemary, spicy red chilli, red wine reduction, umami mushroom, roasted garlic and zesty lemon. Sprinkle on as a seasoning, use as an ingredient in your favourite dishes, combine to make your own flavour combinations or even use as a final flourish!

Producing deliciously quirky sweet treats, rockin’ good chocolate uses the finest couverture (posh name for very good chocolate!). It’s simply yummy and will ensure your taste buds and your sense of humour get the very best that chocolate has to offer!

rockin’ good chocolate has some amazing Christmas gift ideas including reindeer noses and hot chocolate stirrers as well as amazing chocolate bars. have a look at their newest listings and stuff your Christmas stockings with sweet, fun and yummy chocolate!

rockin’ good sugar is rockin’ good co's newest venture and we can’t wait for you to try it - available now!