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The Raw Fix


Raw, organic, and nutrient dense breakfast foods and snacks that allow you to feel empowered about your food choices.

Founder Bridget loves breakfast and believes that eating is about feeling nourished, alive and energised. With no life changing story, just a keen interest in taking care of her body and the environment, she discovered the properties of eating plant-based and raw. The experimenting began with left over almond pulp from making her own milks. Fast forward 2 years and The Raw Fix was born.

They use premium raw organic ingredients activated below 42 degrees and dehydrated, preserving enzyme boosting nutrients. Their focus on vegetables throughout their range gives their products it’s unparalleled vitality and taste. Eating raw is hugely beneficial to your body and will make you feel ‘alive' too.

We're not the only ones who love them!

Their vegan granola was featured in About Time's 10 foodie products you need to buy this week.

  • Save 12%
  • Sold out
Spicy Tomato Crisps
5 x 15g bags
by The Raw Fix
  • Save 20%
Smokey Coconut & Banana Clusters
5 x 25g bags
by The Raw Fix
  • Sold out
Turmeric, Banana & Cashew Power Porridge
5 x 60g pots
by The Raw Fix
  • Sold out
Beetroot, Acai & Macadamia Power Porridge
5 x 72 g pots
by The Raw Fix
  • Sold out
From  £13.46
  • Sold out
Carrot Almond & Mulberry Power Pot
5 x 69 g pots
by The Raw Fix