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Twelve Below

Hughenden Valley

The UK’s first all natural genuinely low sugar tonic, sweetened with a dash of organic agave. 

Founded by Mel and Ross who shared their passion for a healthier lifestyle. They have been friends for a number of years and were struggling to find a healthy tonic water, as a mixer or by itself. With their background in food and drink they decided to create a completely natural, genuinely low sugar range of fantastic flavoured tonics.

Inspired by the fruits grown in Mel's own garden, Ross and Mel set about creating flavour combinations to complement spirits, and stand up as delicious adult soft drinks. Unlike other tonics that are loaded with artificial sweetners or high fructose corn syrup, a dash of organic agave syrup gave that natural sweetness to a natural product. 

They use a light organic agave, derived from the sap of the agave plant, a type of cactus native to Mexico. Twelve Below tonic allows the subtleties of your spirit to shine through with no nasty aftertaste and with significantly less calories.