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Unique Easter Eggs UK

Unique Easter Eggs UK

Did you know? Chocolate Easter eggs were being made in the UK as early as the 19th century! Since then, Easter has undoubtedly become a real chocolate fest, with Cadbury World alone reporting that around 80 million of their boxed eggs are sold each year.

The chocolate Easter egg has evolved over the years, going from a solid egg-shaped block of chocolate to a large chocolate shell filled with, well, even more tiny chocolate eggs. Whether you’re shopping online or at your local shops, you’re likely to encounter many different kinds of chocolate eggs - large, small, milk, dark, filling, no filling, even dairy free.

Our team has been lucky enough to try some of the UK’s best independently made Easter eggs, crafted with lots of skill, passion, and imagination. See our top unusual Easter egg picks below!

Large Flat Milk Chocolate Easter Egg Decorated with Rabbits and Flowers by Cocoapod

Kids will adore this one: a unique Easter egg, handmade from couverture chocolate, beautifully decorated with rabbits and sugar icing flowers.

Dark Chocolate Giant Ostrich Easter Egg by Choc on Choc

Handmade from Belgian dark chocolate, these novelty Easter eggs are truly one of a kind - blue marble design, completed with a beautiful gold glitter-dusted feather design.

Easter Egg 'The Bunny Hut' (Dairy Free) by So Sweet Couture Chocolate Boutique

An Easter egg… or a bunny hut? This adorable dairy free Easter egg makes for a thoughtful gift for any child or adult who follows a dairy free diet.

Easter Egg Macarons Box of 14 by The English Rose Bakery

If you want something a little different for Easter, try these gorgeous hand-painted Easter macarons by the English Rose Bakery. The selection includes: Chocolate orange, Salted Caramel, Hazelnut and Nutella, Lemon, Strawberry.

Large Chocolate Rugby Ball Easter Egg by Choc on Choc

Wishing a happy Easter to an athlete or someone who loves sports? Can’t go wrong with a rugby ball Easter egg! This chocolate Easter gift is handmade from Belgian milk chocolate and about 15cm tall.

Tipsy Vegan Creme Eggs Selection by Ethicoco

One of the ultimate Easter gifts for vegans. These vegan creme eggs are infused with alcohol, such as spiced rum or French brandy, and are deliciously gooey.

Chocolate Egg And Soldiers by Choc on Choc

Know someone who loves puns? This is for them - egg and soldiers, handmade using dark and white Belgian chocolate. Colourful, quirky and one of a kind!


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