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The Best Time to Eat Dark Chocolate

The Best Time to Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has been known for its health and nutritionist benefits for more than 3,000 years. The historians and researchers date back to the times of Mesoamerica in 1000 B.C. People used to process and ferment cacao seed or mix it in milk or other liquids to consume it as a social occasion as a special drink. They also used to enjoy the cacao drink on religious rituals. At the same time, other tribes of Olmec and Mayans would use cacao drinks to make indigenous beverages.


From where does dark chocolate come?


When the cacao seeds of the cacao tree are dried, roasted, and fermented, it produces dark chocolate. Cacao is the crop on which the whole chocolate industry thrives. The term "cacao" comes from the Aztec word Theobroma, meaning "food of the Gods/ Food for the Gods." Therefore, Mayan and Aztec civilizations widely used cacao for festivals, ceremonials, and medicinal purposes.


An interesting fact about the Dark Chocolate Industry Expansion


Cortez, the Spanish conquistador, took the cacao seeds to King Charles V as a gift. It was liked by the king so that the Aztec recipe was altered a bit to make it sweet. Over time, the Spanish monasteries were used to produce the chocolate drink. However, the monks kept the recipe secret. Like always, the secrets are exposed one day, the same happened to the precious recipe of the chocolate drink. An Italian traveler gets hold of it, which he later passed it on to others. In no time, it spread like the fire in the jungle. It becomes the town's talk, and eventually, in the 17th century, chocolate gained its popularity.


Is there any specific time to eat dark chocolate?


The cacao has been widely appreciated from ancient times to this modern-day age. Its popularity hasn't been reduced. The cacao still thrives and enjoys a special place in people's hearts.  

Although there is no specific time to eat dark chocolate as it has elevating effects on health, both mental and physical. However, at times you definitely should intake dark chocolate. Here are some of the times of the day in which you would want to eat dark chocolate.


Get over Exam Stress by munching dark chocolate:


Dark chocolate has a special plant chemical called "phytonutrient," which is also known as flavonoids. These chemical triggers release dopamine in your brain, making you feel happy, elevated, excited, and relaxed. When it comes to exam stress, you should take dark chocolate before or during the exams to keep your exam anxiety at bay. You would not want to give in to such feelings and make your special day turn into the worst day ever. Likewise, another chemical is released in your brain, known as Endorphins, that induces positive emotions in the body, leaving you feeling good and cheerful.


When you need to calm your nerves down


There are many times during the day when you feel exhausted or frustrated. It is also possible that your mood swing left you feeling dissatisfied. Make sure you eat a bar of dark chocolate as it contains a high level of flavonoids. This chemical is rich in antioxidants that is a natural stress inhibitor. It aids in fighting foreign toxins and other stressors. The oxidative quality helps you manage your day like a professional. Studies have also shown that flavonoids decreased high blood pressure, which is necessary to keep the body relaxed. Besides, the improves the rate of blood flow and prevents your heart from getting a stroke. It also thwarts blood clotting in the veins and capillaries.


Coping up with pre-menstrual mood swings


It is not a secret how women feel before their menstrual cycle start. Coping up with the pain and the aggression they feel towards everyone would escalate to the point that if the world is burning around them, they wouldn't care less. To manage your extreme mood swings and the emotional outbreak, it is necessary to take some dark chocolate. Here I am not promoting dark chocolate consumption. Rather, you can always soothe your mood when it is possible. Being a grown-up woman, I can relate to it as much as you can. Eating dark chocolate helps you control your volcano-ic emotions and quiet the nagging stupidity around yourself. Keep in mind, too much of everything does not do you good, so keep the consumption as low as possible.


When you have just completed your daily workout.


Remember, post-exercise and work out is the best time to eat dark chocolate. As the energy level gets low during the laborious exercise, you would want to regain your energy. So yes, get the bar of dark chocolate and take one row of it. It contains the 30g pack of energy that goes straight to your bloodstream. Conversely, there are a couple of things that you need to take care of: a) the type of chocolate you should only be dark chocolate, no milk, or nuts included a bar of chocolate. Likewise, white chocolate is exempted as well. Ensure that you consume a bar of chocolate that does not contain any other additives.


When you're with your friends.


Dark chocolates contain about 500 essential chemical compounds that are helpful for mental and physical health. Chemicals such as flavonoid, iron, magnesium, Phenylethylamine (PEA), and theobromine improve blood flow, vascular body function, soothe the mood, and improve cognitive functioning. Therefore, it is essential to eat dark chocolate when you are with friends. There is a time when you want to control and seize your friends. However, your dark chocolate will help your control your mood swings and keep you and your friends cheerful and happy. The benefits of eating dark chocolate are numerous, including creating a positive effect on your overall health. 


How Much to Eat Dark Chocolate?


There are no doubts that dark chocolate contributes to your well-being and positively affects your moods as dark chocolate is rich in minerals and antioxidants. However, some research studies suggest that dark chocolate should not be consumed without a leash on your cravings. Just like every other chocolate, dark chocolate also contains saturated sugar, which can increase your weight. Therefore, eat chocolate but in moderation. 

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