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Best Alcoholic Drinks for Weight Loss?

Best Alcoholic Drinks for Weight Loss?

Most of us love a good night out, a drink with friends or a glass of wine after a stressful day at work. While we all know alcoholic drinks can never truly be classed as healthy (!), there are ways to make better choices when we’re out. The best way to stay fit and healthy is to not drink alcohol at all, but where's the fun in that?

If you're wondering which are the best alcoholic drinks for weight loss, we're here to help you out. Let the battle of the booze commence:


The thought of a developing a beer belly can be enough to put you off, but in moderation beer isn't all that bad. In fact, beer does contain some good-for-you fibre and B12 vitamins - just not enough to make up for the hefty calorie count! A pint of real ale can contain as many as 250 calories, and even a strong lager is pushing 200. That's before you've even sniffed a packet of crisps. 


Ah wine, our favourite! It’s true that wine (red in particular) contains valuable antioxidants that are thought to help reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer. However, too much wine can have the opposite effect, increasing the risk of certain cancers and diabetes. Official advice recommends that women limit alcohol to 2.3 units per day - equivalent to one small glass of wine. The same small glass of wine contains about 150 calories, about the same as a bar of chocolate. Not so good if you're watching your weight...


While binge drinking on any spirit is going to have consequences, they do seem to be the best for us in terms of calories and carbs. Most spirits contain little to no calories and no carbs. Good news for us gin lovers? Maybe! The bad news is that mixers are often loaded with calories. A single serving of tonic water can add over 100 calories, and slimline mixers are often full of nasties like artificial sweeteners - yuck! If spirits are your tipple of choice, it seems straight-up or on the rocks is your best best. 

Which is Best?

To sum up the battle of the booze, it appears that spirits are in fact the best alcholic drinks for weight loss. They are low calorie and carb free, although they are a lot stronger - so slow down on the doubles! Maybe now's the time to develop an appreciation of whisky or taste for tequila... Just remember, all things in moderation and if in doubt - have a soft drink instead. 

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