Vegan Dinner Guest? 5 Top Tips


If you’re new to the vegan world then chances are you’ll need a helping hand along the way - whether this be learning how to soak nuts or break the news to your friends and family. And whilst I realise that this may not be breaking news, it can still be a tricky one both explaining to your loyal animal-eating friends why you’re vegan and what new items to put on their shopping list.

But if your friends love you, not only will they support you and respect your decision, but when the physical evidence of how good you look is right before them, they will probably decide to join you. One of the trickiest things to know how to deal with as a new vegan is being invited over someone's house for dinner. 

If you're a vegan dinner guest, follow these tips and you're sure to get invited back! 

1. Give a little help in advance

If they don’t ask you themselves, gently remind them about the foods that you are choosing to exclude from your diet. Point out that this also includes animal-based fats, including butter, as well as cream, cheese, and gelatine.

2. Share your favourite vegan recipes

If your friends are unfamiliar with plant-based cooking and eating, offer to share some of your favourite recipes. The main reason why friends shy away from cooking vegan food is that they are unsure of such unfamiliar culinary territory.

3. Offer to be chef

Offer to take a dish that you have prepared. This could provoke a light bulb moment with your friends - so make it a really tasty one!

4. Share your love for coconut oil

Encourage your friends to start using coconut oil in cooking as an everyday rule of thumb; you’re doing them a favour, as it’s the only oil you can heat without it turning carcinogenic. If you want to be extra helpful, you could take a jar with you!

5. Cook for your friends in return

Offer to return the favour and cook them a fully-plant-based meal on another occasion. It’s your chance to shine and sell the concept, so don’t waste the opportunity. 

Most importantly, don’t let food be the focus of your night and enjoy their company. Going vegan doesn’t have to be a chore, don’t be afraid to read up on more tips for eating out or anywhere for that matter. It can be tricky, but as I always say planning is everything (and organisation and preparation too!).

Get more helpful insights into vegan life by grabbing a free copy of my e-book: Going Plant-Based, A Beginners Guide - find this on my website below. I’d love to hear of your top tips for eating at friends or other tricky places, let me know!

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