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What To Do With Apricots

What To Do With Apricots

Although we can get them pretty much all year round (lucky us), apricots are at their best and most freshest up until September - so you best get buying! The quickest and most hassle-free way to get your fruit fix is using dried apricots, and whilst these are great for adding to granola or home baking, they’re flavour doesn’t quite cut it in my eyes.

Freshly-picked and in season apricots are full of flavour and at their peak for containing vital nutrients - mainly vitamin A and C, along with a whole host of body-boosting antioxidants. The perfect apricot will be beaming with an orangey tint, slightly firm to touch and not withered or wrinkled. Fresh is always best and there are so many ways to incorporate apricots into both savoury and sweet cooking, here's how…

As A Sauce

With an endless amount of apricot preserves and sauces on the shelves, who needs to make their own right? Well, come winter I might just let you off for surrendering to shop-bought sugary varieties, but when apricots are in season you’re just simply missing out! Puree apricots with honey, olive oil, tarragon, a splash of white wine (it’s for flavour I swear!) and a little water in a low-heat pan for a naturally sweet sauce to go with meat and vegetable dishes.

To Bake With

A real summer treat - sat in the garden with a homemade apricot cake and a cuppa, you can't get more British than that! Folding in sliced apricots into your normal cake (or pancake) batter and cooking as normal can give you some impressive tasting results. If not there’s always the other option of drizzling apricot puree over your freshly baked foods. This can make them sweet tasting and also means you don’t need to add refined sugar.

In Salads

There’s not much that I find doesn’t go well in a salad - you can experiment with pretty much anything and the result is usually pleasantly surprising. Apricots definitely fall into that category. Not only will it keep you topped up on your five-a-day and give you a healthy dosage of vitamins, it adds a fruity and refreshing taste. Try mixing with feta or goat's cheese, nuts, seeds and a balsamic dressing.

In Cocktails

I try and add apricots to nearly all of the cocktails I ever make, it’s incredibly easy to do and can add a sweet and fruity flavour to most drinks. If you’re anything like me and aren’t one for overpowering rum filled cocktails like the ever so popular daiquiri, then adding apricot puree could be your saviour. Add the puree to the bottom of a champagne flute and top with chilled sparkling wine - yes please!

The list is endless of what you can do with apricots and while they’re easy to get your hands on a fresh pack in summer it’s definitely worth taking advantage of. Before their season comes to an end can you think of any other tasty recipes? Let me know!

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