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Keep Your Glow With These 5 Easy Tips

Keep Your Glow With These 5 Easy Tips

We read and see it everywhere during those summer months, various tip and tricks on how to get your summer glow… But lets face it, little effort is needed when the sun is shinning and bringing colour to our cheeks. October comes, however and keeping that glow feels bordering on arduous.

Well, you will be pleased to know I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve which are simple yet effective and will have you glowing in no time: 

1. Oil up

Massage your body every day or at least a few times a week with a heating oil such as almond or sesame oil. Apply it the same way you would moisturiser, rubbing it all over the skin; a little amount goes a long way. You can use it on your scalp and hair too, maybe adding a few drops to a bath and soaking your hair in the water before washing it as usual. The oil will help encourage circulation in the body and will moisturise the skin, protecting it from the dry air cooler weather brings

2. Walk in nature

Enjoying the autumn rather than wishing your way through it can bring inner positivity, in turn making us more proactive and energised. What is it they say…. ‘Autumn is the year's last, loveliest smile.’ So go enjoy all those beautiful colours before the leaves fall and winter comes

3. Eat oily fish and eggs

Now the suns less accessible, we need to find other ways of getting our bodies fuelled with vitamin D. Oily fish (and mushrooms) are perfect examples of this. The vitamin D keeps are immune systems working and are bodies strong. (Tuna/ trout/ salmon or non fish eating people - mushrooms are pretty good too)

4. Get the body and breath moving in the mornings with some gentle flowing yoga

Just 10 minutes of sun salutation will do the trick. Here’s a quick sun salutation video for you to follow on an autumn morning:

5. Eat the veg and fruit that’s in season

Eating with the seasons is an Ayurveda must! Our organs behave differently dependant on the season and weather it brings. Autumn brings dry weather and so just as this causes some plants and fruits to lose their moisture, so too do we, with our skin and respiratory systems suffering. However what thrives during these months is that which keeps the moisture, such as root vegetable and nuts, therefore making them a perfect antidote to counteract the effects Autumn is having on us.

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