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Six Steps for a Top Cheeseboard

Six Steps for a Top Cheeseboard

Cheese isn’t merely a topping and filling, but a flavoursome snack itself. There is nothing more appealing than a cheeseboard to go with good wine if you are inviting a special someone over. However it may not be the easiest to prepare – there’s a lot to do yourself (it’s more effort than throwing some frozen spring-rolls in the oven). The following are five steps towards creating the ideal cheeseboard – just in time for your special date on Valentine's Day!

Keep it Neat

A messy cheeseboard will only put people off. Presentation is important here; keep the cheese at a safe distance from each other – allowing them to stand alone and show off their own character. It’s a good idea to have a plan in mind before you set it out – even if it’s just a mental image.

Don’t Over-face

There is such a thing as too much choice. We would recommend having four or five cheeses on the board – all of different type. For example, only have one blue cheese on the table, stick to one hard, and one goat’s. That way, while in keeping with the neatness rule, you’ll be catering for everyone.


Only have one or two relishes and chutneys, and around three types of cracker. Remember that the cheese is the most important, and don’t forget the over-facing rule. The choice for accompaniments is yours, but remember to keep in minimal – you could throw on some dried fruit, nuts, olives – whatever you feel appropriate!


Quite possibly cheese’s best friend, right? It isn’t necessary to splash out on the top-price bottles for your guests (the wine connoisseurs will bring their own), but it’s polite to show you’ve put some thought in. A light red would go well with anything – not too strong, not as light as a white. If you really want to show off, buy a wine from the same region as one of your cheeses.

Label your Cheese

Make yourself look like you know what you’re talking about – just place some hand-written paper notes stating the cheese, and perhaps the region. It could prove to be a conversation starter – always handy at a party – and will certainly impress the cheese-buffs.

Specialty Cheese Knives

Each cheese needs its own knife, and while there’s nothing wrong with using your usual collection, buying specialty knives will be the finishing touch to an aesthetically pleasing cheeseboard.

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