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The top 8 BBQ tips for this season (by the spice master)

The top 8 BBQ tips for this season (by the spice master)

When you ask one of the best gourmet rub and spice maker in the country (that's Gourmet Spice Company for you), for tips on how to make the best barbecue, you get quick and easy advice that (trust me), will make ALL the difference:

  1. Wait until the charcoal has gone grey and the flames have gone until you start cooking. It’ll take 20-30 minutes on a typical bbq to get to this stage, so don’t rush it!
  2. Make sure it’s not too hot - if you can hold your hand about 6 inches over the bbq for about 5 seconds, that’s medium and generally cook for cooking. 
  3. Take any meat our of the fridge 30 mins before cooking to let it come to temperature.
  4. Marinate meat, overnight if possible, but brush off excess oil before laying on the bbq.
  5. Use a Herby Brush - more on that below
  6. Have ready a fine-mist spray bottle of water (like you’d use to spray houseplants) to control temperature; if any drips of fat cause a flare up and flames, one or two sprays of fine mist will get rid of the flames and have you cooking with the right heat again
  7. If cooking pork, have some apple juice in a sprayer and give a few squirts each time before you turn it over - it’ll give a lovely flavour
  8. Make your own burgers - just use sautéed onions, lean mince & a pinch of salt for a basic burger. You don’t need an egg or breadcrumbs to bind - the salt will help ‘glue’ the meat proteins together. Tweak it by adding a couple of spoons of Steak Rub for a richer tasting burger.

Herby Brush (to use on your meat)

Simply tie a few sprigs of fresh herbs together with a bit of kitchen string and use it to brush and baste a marinade or rub onto your BBQ’d food. Here’s some combos you could try:

• Finely chopped garlic, the juice & zest of a lemon and rapeseed oil to loosen: brush on fish, prawns or lamb with a rosemary brush; add a chopped chilli if you want some bite
• Finely chopped garlic, chilli, ginger and the white part of lemongrass, the juice and zest of a lime, a splash of fish sauce and sesame or rapeseed oil to loosen. Bash the stalks of the lemongrass to crush them and release more flavour and tie into your herby brush; use it to marinate king prawns, squid or a robust white fish.
• Add a pinch of our Magic BBQ Dust to a splash of apple juice and brush on pork or seafood kebabs with a herby brush

Enjoy! (it's guaranteed)

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