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An interview with artisan chocolatier Marc Demarquette

An interview with artisan chocolatier Marc Demarquette

6 Questions with artisan legend and multi-award winner Marc Demarquette are exactly what we need to get us in the mood for National Chocolate Day on July 7th. His mind-blowing chocolates are something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

What's your #1 tip/advice when making chocolate

Have the very best quality ingredients, take your time and enjoy the process of making, above all don’t rush it. Chocolate making is like culinary Tai Chi.

Which is your favourite chocolate (or chocolate combination)?

I only make chocolates I absolutely adore, choosing a favourite is like choosing the best child in the family. However I do love the Arabian Coffee ganache midday as the combination of coffee, spices and chocolate is a gorgeous yet mellow pick me up. End of day is the Chinese Green Tea and Jasmine, the pure and fresh flowers come though and give you a perfect Dusk flavour sensation, however none are exclusive!

What's the most difficult part when making high quality chocolate?

Not eating it all! The most difficult is staying focused as chocolate is a serious distraction.

What's the best comment/testimonial you got from someone trying your chocolate?

A smile followed by a blush.

What do you mostly love about chocolate and why did you start making it?

It makes people so happy, chocolate is by far the most complex food product with so much history attached. To me chocolate is an intellectual food, which is why it is always so challenging, yet agreeable too, just like best friends!

What makes your chocolates different from any other?

Our innovation certainly keeps me ahead of the game, I have often been imitated, but never replicated. With over 70 gold awards, I constantly reach out to the stars and never stop learning and seeking to improve.

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