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Meet the UK's Most Innovative Artisan Bakers

Meet the UK's Most Innovative Artisan Bakers

There are a great many talented artisan bakers in the UK and we wanted to draw your attention to five of the most innovative who specialise in cakes by post. From edible flowers to deep dish cookie pies to Keto doughnuts, these bakers won't disappoint.

Blackberry Cottage

Blackberry Cottage was founded by Kate Saunders, who previously worked with athletes as a sports massage practitioner and also focused on the nutritional aspects of their diet. Kate was inspired to create Blackberry Cottage after helping a client’s child by making a delicious and healthy treat they could eat. Kate is in serious demand to give talks about how she founded the business and has won numerous awards for her innovative vegetable bakes.

Baked by Steph

This business run by Steph Giordano is all about exceeding the expectations of the customer and adding that wow factor to all that they do. From the custom designed brightly coloured presentation boxes to edible personalised cookies, everything that Baked by Steph sells is worthy of its own Instagram post. This has helped immensely with the promotion of the brand! They have even worked in collaboration with major brands such as Harrods, Versace and Tiffany and Co. 

Kinetic Kitchen

The unique selling point of Kinetic Kitchen is their completely sugar-free and delicious Keto doughnuts called Ketonuts! The doughnuts have less than 3g of carbs as well and this means they are both Keto and low carb diet friendly. They are the brainchild of Harry who has made it his mission to extract everything harmful from doughnuts while keeping an amazing taste. Harry has been on a remarkable 2,800 mile cycle trip from London to Africa and back and donates 1% from every sale to charity. 

Mode & Grace

A family run team based in a sleepy town in Yorkshire, Mode and Grace only use the finest organic and natural ingredients in their products. The “micro-team” of Craig, Sara and Amy work hard to ensure that everything is baked to order, that they give excellent value for money and that they provide the best customer experience possible. Their floral brownies, replete with edible flowers are a particular hit and bowled over the judges at the Great Taste Awards in 2021, who awarded their original fudgy brownies two stars. 

My Cookie Pie

Claire gave up a career in Human Resources to look after her two sons, and once they had grown up she put her baking skills to good use to start My Cookie Pie. This is a family-run business that works out of her family kitchen at home in a small village in Hampshire and makes delicious cookie pies with deep and rich fillings. Cookie pies are all about the fillings and Claire never disappoints, with a chocolate filling and confectionery of your choice, baked in a delectable and sweet vanilla cookie crust. 

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