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The Art of Turkish Coffee Reading

The Art of Turkish Coffee Reading

Did you know that in Turkey they believe that you can tell your fortune based on the residue left in your cup of coffee?
Turkish coffee reading is a tradition of interpreting the stains residual coffee grounds left in the cup and on the saucer. For the mystics or the spiritual mind, these readings are used to assess the state of an individual’s past and future. For those less divinely inspired, the use of Turkish coffee as a fortune-telling vessel can be a ritual to promote a positive outlook for the future, or as conversation starter with the coffee as a light-hearted pretext.
Steps to follow:
1. Start with a cup of strong Turkish coffee and drink slowly making sure you leave the grounds at the bottom.
2. When you are finished, place the saucer on top of the cup and placing your two thumbs on the top, flip the cup over towards you and set down. Allow the cup to drain and cool.
3. When the cup is cooled, lift it up from the saucer and look into the cup to read the shapes formed by the coffee grounds dripping from the sides.
4. Symbols located near the handle represent events that will happen imminently, while symbols to the left of the handle represent the past, and to the right, the future.
5. Traditionally, one does not tell one’s own fortune.
Common symbols and meanings:
• Anchor – Stability
• Bell – Unexpected news
• Bird – Good news
• Fish – Good luck in all jobs
• Hand – Friendship
• Mountain – Obstacle
• People – Visitors
• Shoes – Journey
• Snake – An enemy
• Two rings – Wedding
So, why not have a go and read your own fortune the next time you have a delicious cup of Turkish coffee?

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