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The 7 Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits

The 7 Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits

People across the UK are embracing the non alcoholic drinks sector, with many artisan producers now making headway in the spirits marketplace. There are a great many alternatives to alcoholic products including gin and cocktail mixes, which perfectly replicate the taste but lack the alcohol element. It is the best of both worlds for people who enjoy the taste but don’t feel like dealing with the hangover the morning after. We have included a selection of our favourites below. 

NONA June Non-Alcoholic Gin Alternative (700ml)

This classic non-alcoholic drink from Belgium is an alternative to gin and has been distilled to draw attention to the notes of natural botanicals and herbs that are woven into a complex flavour profile. This is a popular gin substitute amongst bartenders and gin enthusiasts alike and would make a wonderful gift for a special someone in your life. 

Spiced Rhubarb Non Alcoholic Aperitif 70cl

This intriguing aperitif is made with rhubarb and exotic spices. Juniper and ginger are also in the concoction, though the fragrance and taste of the rhubarb really dominates proceedings. A hot little chilli kick rounds off the taste to perfection and completes the flavour. 

Highball Alcohol Free Cocktails - Mixed Case

This taster case of alcohol free cocktails is an excellent idea for any house party or gathering. A great way to ensure everyone can enjoy a cocktail or two without getting too intoxicated. This mixed case contains a classic Gin and Tonic, a pink Gin and Tonic, a Mojito, Cosmopolitan, an Italian Spritz and a Ginger Dram. A great selection of different flavours.   

Slange Var 500ml - Single Bottle

An award-winning, premium alcoholic drink, Slange Var boasts a concentrated flavour that is tangy and zesty at first with a honey velvet aftertaste and a hint of ginger for some heat at the end. A refreshing drink, this is one that you can savour all evening long and then buy more for next time as you may well get hooked. No bad thing as it is brewed to retain all of the natural vitamins etc.   

700ml Spades Sapiir Bottle (0% ABV)

Another non-alcoholic gin, this one was created by a group of friends who could no longer all drink gin because of various pregnancies in the group. Spades Sapir is refreshing and has green cardamom and parsley and is balanced out by sweet citrus and Australian lemon myrtle, with a hint of Tasmanian pepperberries at the end. 

Dark & Spicy Non-Alcoholic Spirit Drink Gift Box (50CL)

Fark and spicy is aimed at conjuring the spirit of sun-drenched Colombia, with the taste of pineapple and coconut with a light dusting of ginger spice. Dark, tropical, evocative goodness that is a little taste of paradise in a glass. 

Non-Alcoholic Box

This great British artisan spirits box contains 0 ABV and has some of the nicest non alcoholic drinks on the market today including 50ml Seedlip Garden, 250ml Punchy Peach, Ginger & Chai, 250ml Folkingtons Rhubarb & Apple Pressé and 150ml Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon Mixer.

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