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Meet the Maker - BumbleZest

Meet the Maker - BumbleZest

BumbleZest is probably one of the most exciting health drink ranges we've come across.  These superfood drinks are packed with great, highly functional ingredients and above all taste great.  So what inspired this innovative business and what does it take to disrupt the health drinks market? Here we interview the founders.

Tell us a few words about the launching of your business.

BumbleZest is a husband and wife team based in Battersea. We launched mid June 2017 and since then have gone from strength to strength.

Dan was working in property, he had to deal with high levels of stress, anxiety including skin issues. Switching from drinking too much coffee and alcohol to lemon water with honey and herbs helped. Through his search for other great ingredients he ended up launching BumbleZest. Emily followed Dan's example, packed in her day job and joined the team full time.

How did you come up with the name of your business?

We originally created shots with a base of half a lemon and a drop of honey. We also knew we wanted to create a fun and environmentally friendly company which we thought 'Bumble' reflected - we use glass bottles and aluminium caps and offset our Carbon Foot Print so we are Carbon Neutral. We thought 'Zest' also reflected our pioneering range of ingredients and recipes.

Tell us a bit about your ingredients and how you source them

We only source and use all natural, GMO free, ethically sourced ingredients with no added sugars, colouring, additives or preservatives. Our ingredients are made from extracts, powders, juices and a drop of natural sweeteners (Honey/Agave and Stevia). Some of these ingredients cannot be found in ‘on the go’ powder sachets that require diluting. It is not possible to enjoy the benefits of Lemon Juice, Honey, Agave, Ginger juice and ACV (to name only a few) in powder form. It is not possible to take a powder sachet as a shot on the go. Additionally as most powders have been highly processed under extreme temperatures some of the nutritional value of ingredients are damaged or lost.

Nearly all of the extracts we use are using a less common and more expensive water extraction process. Most other drinks containing extracts use an ethanol based extraction process, which can destroy some of the valuable elements of the ingredients and create an ethanol (alcohol) build up. Due to this build up, competitors have to limit the amount of ingredients they include within their drinks, to avoid them being classified as ‘alcoholic’. As we mostly do not use this method, and use a gentler water based process instead, we don’t need to compromise on the quantity of our ingredients.

Do you still eat/ drink your product? What is your favourite product from your range and why?

I drink all of our range regularly! The recipe I consume the most has to be our Calm&Comfort – Chamomile, Lavender and Spirulina. I think it is delicious and helps me destress, relax and unwind. It also contains some power house ingredients including a large dose of Chamomile which in my opinion is underestimated and is very good for skin complexion.

Describe a typical day.

Like all start-ups (actually all companies) we have lots of different challenges everyday, some big like will an ingredient from the other side of the world turn up in time for our bottling day, to some smaller challenges like who has the time that day to take our office dog ‘Indie’ out for her long daily walk. We work as a team, know each other's strengths and mainly do not panic! Everything has a solution… well they have so far!

What part of your job do you enjoy the most and why?

It has to be working with my wife Emily, who joined the team fulltime in September last year. She came onboard at the perfect time when the workload was beginning to become too much for just one person. Before it was just myself and our ‘Chief Supervisor’ @bumblezest_indie who tried to help out as much as she could!

Discover the Bumblezest range here.


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