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Food Trend Predictions for 2019

Food Trend Predictions for 2019

The way we think, eat, and live is constantly changing and evolving. In general, people are more mindful than ever before about what they're eating, how it is made, where it is from and the impact of what we consume on not just ourselves but also the world and community in which we live. We're also more discerning consumers than ever - several years now of living in communities that are rich melting pots of cultures, high levels of travel, and social media have led to a far greater knowledge of and exposure to all kinds of foods.  

This is at the heart of Yumbles - combining a love for and enjoyment of great food with mindfulness.

So what foods or diets can we expect to see greater interest in next year? Here are our 7 food trend predictions for 2019.


1. Vegan / Plant Based Food

The vegan "trend" is going nowhere and has officially eradicated its place as a niche diet to hit the mainstream. The growth in people turning to more, if not exclusively, plant-based diets is phenomenal. On Yumbles, demand for artisan vegan cheesesvegan meat alternatives, vegan cakes and vegan chocolate has sky rocketed in just the last 12 months. We're also seeing great innovations coming up such as vegan honey.

In 2019 we expect that this lifestyle will become even more popular and, with significant food innovation in this space, consumers everywhere will find it extremely easy to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets.


2. Non-alcoholic spirit drinks

Nothing excited us more in 2018 than finally discovering truly credible grown-up alcohol free drinks Borrago and Berkshire Blend, a world away from overly sweet soft drink alternatives that came before them.

They're tapping into a generation that is dramatically reducing their alcohol intake while not wanting to miss out on sophisticated drinks, and we’re willing to bet that we’ll be seeing a lot more of these in 2019.


3. Refined sugar free foods

Sugar has been firmly in the spotlight of health news in recent years but for so many of us it has been hard to find great alternatives to even food basics, nevermind indulgences that aren't stuffed with sugar. Well, that's going to change in 2019 as our artisan makers up and down the country are helping lead a sugar revolution with cereals, snacks, sauces and even chocolate getting a makeover, delivering on taste without the use of refined sugars. Exciting discovery Heavenly Chocolate with just 4% sugar content are just the beginning.


4. Bean-to-bar chocolate

Tapping into the increasingly discerning consumer we're betting that the UK's handful of talented bean-to-bar chocolate makers as featured on Yumbles will succeed in 2019 in making people aware of the incredible spectrum of flavour the cacao bean has to offer. Like coffee and wine before it, now is the time for cacao to shine.


5. Fermented Food

Amongst humanity’s first attempts at preserving goods, fermented foods date back thousands of years. With reported benefits not only for digestive health but also for allergies and weight loss, fermented foods like Kimchi and Sauerkraut and drinks like Kefir and Kombucha are going to continue to grow in 2019, powered by many great food innovations that crucially deliver on taste. Coffee kombucha anyone?


6. Functional beverages

Whether it's turmeric in your lattes, valerian root in your milk to help you sleep or botanical extracts in your waters, drinks are now becoming nutritional powerhouses.  Don't miss No.1 Rosemary Water's newly launched line up of botanical waters.


7. CBD products

CBD, or cannabidiol, has widely reported benefits like pain relief to combating anxiety and even reportedly fighting cancer. We've seen an exciting spectrum of products launching from CBD oils to CBD in cakes, macarons and more with great interest and we expect in 2019 to see even greater appetite for CBD products.

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