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Going Vegan: Top Tips for Eating Out

Going Vegan: Top Tips for Eating Out

Given that about 90 per cent of the developed world eats differently to the new you, there will be times when you feel challenged when going vegan. But rest assured that everyone who has ever started on this journey has felt exactly the same. I still do, believe it or not!

The secret to a stress-free, plant-based existence lies in three magic words: Organisation. Organisation. Organisation. And did I forget to mention pre-planning and preparation? It may be tough at times when you're not the one doing the cooking, but being vegan doesn't mean the end of swanky restaurants and dinner parties.


If you're going vegan, here are my top tips for eating out: 


  • Do some research at the restaurant you’re going to and pre-plan what you will have (most restaurants will have menus on the website, or just ring up and ask). Chefs will love you for doing this in advance rather than in the middle of their Saturday night service! 

  • If you have the luxury of choosing the venue, opt for restaurants which are largely plant-based through culture, such as Indian, Thai, Lebanese and Turkish. Even if animal fats are used in the cooking, this is a pretty simple thing to adapt for you.


  • Take your own stash of soaked or dehydrated nuts and/or seeds and/or sprouts (lentil/mung bean) & to add to the salad, ensuring your get your protein fix. Most restaurants should be fine with this, but ask in advance if you want to be extra polite.


  • If things are not looking hopeful, eat a meal before you go. Then the stock salad that didn’t look all that appealing will be enough for you, and you won’t feel deprived or worse still, hungry.


Of course, you might be lucky enough to live somewhere where you're blessed with a choice of vegan and vegetarian restaurants...here's looking at you, Londoners! But hopefully these tips will come in useful for those of us living in less cosmopolitan areas. 

Have any tips of your own to share, or vegan restaurant recommendations perhaps? Leave a comment or drop me a line on social media - I'd love to hear from you. 


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